At Kode RGIPT we amuse, wreck and vanish the existence of a developer's dream.

What is Capture the Flag?
CTFs are events that consist of a series of challenges that vary in their level of difficulty where participants must reverse engineer, break, hack, decrypt, or do whatever it takes to solve the challenges. Once a particular challenge is answered, a “flag” is awarded to the player, and they present this flag to the CTF server to score points. The challenges are all set up with the intent of being hacked, making it an excellent, legal way to get hands-on experience. Commonly CTFs includes the follwing challenges
Crypto, Stego, Forensic, Web exploitation, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, OSINT, Penetration Testing, Game Hacking, Programming, and Mobile Security.
About AnonX
AnonX is a sub event of COSMOx mega event where students partcipate from all over the world!
Our aim is to spread the importance of cybersecurity in today's community. Each and every person should be aware of different vulnerabilities in systems as well as how to protect oneselves agains cyber attacks
We believe gamification is the best technique to teach oneself about cybersecurity.
Who can play AnonX
Anyone who has registered for COSMOSx
About the author
BlackBurn - Security Researcher, eCPPTv2, Purple Teaming, Gamer, Student.